December 3, 2011

The 52 week challenge

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Ok, starting today, I’m challenging myself to write 1 blog post per week. By this time next year, I will have 52 blog posts. Other than having a LiveJournal when I was in high school, this is my first real blog experience, so bear with me, because it probably won’t be very interesting at times.

I went to my orientation today for FGCU, I’ve decided I would like to get the rest of my bachelor’s degree done within the next 3 years. Why 3 years you ask? Well, because my 18 year old brother will have his in 3.5 years. That’s right, it’s turned into a race. As long as I get my BA before Zachary gets his, I’ll be happy. Also, I work full time, so it’s not that easy to get my degree done, so 3 years gives me enough time to slow down if I need to. This semester will be a little challenging, I’m going to be taking:

Elementary Calculus (Does that mean other brother, who’s 8, can tutor me?)

Intro to Marketing (I imagine it’ll be something like this: SELL!)


Computer Sciences and Technologies (Microsoft word, powerpoint and Excel? Hello Easy A!)

I’m also waiting to find out if I got into a Professional Writing course.

On top of the 3-4 classes I’ll be taking this semester and the 40 hours I’ll be working, I’m going to try to keep on top of this blog.

So, to my 1 reader, you’ll have a lot more to read this coming year as I venture into blogging more. Thank you, to anyone who reads this, and here goes!


August 16, 2011


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I’m a very impatient person. I start things and, if there are not immediate results, I quit. I have done this with many a diet, many a workout plan, many a project. My family and boyfriend have learned from many an experience that when I say I’m going to do a long term project or diet, that they’ll be happy to believe me once they see the results. Which isn’t often. So I need some help.

I am setting a goal for myself. I want to run the Central Florida Warrior Dash 2012. This run is the weekend of January 21/22. I have 5 months to get in shape, run more, and eat better to prepare for this 3 mile run(I know what you’re thinking, 3 miles? That’s it? And you need to train?? Well let me tell you, I am THAT out of shape). So this is my call to help with my accountability. I need a lot of encouragement and help with this, as like I stated before, I’m not very patient. I want results now. By January, I’m hoping to:

  • Lose 15-20 pounds
  • Eat at least 1 day vegetarian a week.
  • Be able to run 3 miles non-stop

I will update once a week on my progress for anyone who is interested or wants to help me out. Right now, I’ve never eaten vegetarian in my life, so if anyone has any tips or yummy recipes, I’m all ears! Thanks to anyone who helps me through this journey!

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