July 19, 2011


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Do you remember when you were little and you used to set up domino mazes, where each domino would fall, causing the one behind it to fall, so on and so forth? Life is a set of domino mazes.

It’s funny that when you look back on a series of events, you can see how they all affect each other, kindof like dominoes. I’ll start from the beginning. I had a friend, K, come visit me this weekend, wanting to ensure she had a good time, we drove out to Naples, which is about an hour away. On our way back from Naples the next day, I got a flat tire (down goes domino 1). Flat tires are never fun. I’m the queen of them. In the 8 years I’ve been driving, I’ve had 6 flat tires. I’m not sure why I always get them, but I was very grateful for the good Samaritan that stopped and helped K and I change it. This was on Sunday. On Monday, during my lunch break at work, I went to my boyfriend’s brother’s shop to get the tire changed. I left for lunch about 10 minutes later than usual (down goes domino 2). I got the tire changed and also had them check the brakes, this took an extra 20 minutes (domino 3). Once that was done, I drove back to work. Being that I had my right turn coming up to turn onto the street my work is located, I got into the right lane, in front of a white car (domino 4). Had I waited and got behind him, things would have turned out very differently. As we were both turning onto the street my work is located, an ambulance needed to cross the street to get to our side (domino 5). I pulled to the side of the road, as I have been taught to let an ambulance through, and that’s when it happened, the big domino, domino 6. I was rear ended by the car behind me, also trying to get to the side of the road. Let’s review:

  • Domino 1: Had I not driven to Naples, my tire may have lasted a few extra days which would have saved me from…
  • Domino 2: Having to leave work during my lunch, and had I not left 10 minutes later than usual, I would not have ended up having to go to the shop or arriving when I did which means…
  • Domino 3: I would not have had my brakes checked, which added 20 minutes to my time at the shop. Had I not had my brakes checked, I would have been on the road 20 minutes earlier and not had to get in front of…
  • Domino 4: The white car. This white car was not happy to let me in, but did oblige. Had I waited and gotten behind him instead of in front of him, he would not have hit me. Which leads to…
  • Domino 5: The ambulance. This ambulance crossing the street inclined me to pull off to the side of the road, into the grass, where the white car also attempted to pull over, but probably due to the slickness of the grass was unable to brake as fast as he needed and…
  • Domino 6: He hit me.

Had any one of these items in the series of events gone a little differently, I would not have been hit. It’s funny that things that you do not realize in your life can make a huge difference. I’ve always loved the movie The Butterfly Effect, and after rehashing and remembering every detail from the last week, I’ve taken notice how each small, mundane piece of the last few days led to the big event. I’m ok, just a little sore, but it’s just funny how little things you don’t notice everyday really affect the things that happen in your life, big or small. I can sit here and analyze every single detail, obsess over what I could have done differently, but there’s no point. I can’t go back, I can’t change any of the dominoes that lead to the accident, I can only be grateful that I walked away with a sore neck and some cosmetic damage to my car.

You should see the other guy!

My poor car 😦


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