January 9, 2013

Thank you Influenster! My Reviews of the items I received in my Holiday VoxBox

So, I’ve got to say, I’m a lucky, lucky girl! I received a box of products for free for the sole purpose of reviewing! How you ask? Well, I’ll start from the beginning…


Look at all that stuff!

I signed up for Ipsy’s Glam Bag and received my first one in December. When I found this out, I decided to post a picture on Instagram, and then fell down an Instagram rabbit hole where I ended up looking at other people’s glam bag pictures, and Birch Box pictures, which led me to VoxBox pictures. I had no idea what a VoxBox was, so I decided to Google it. Turns out, a VoxBox is a free box that Influenster sends to members. Now, you’re not guaranteed a box, and they kindof choose randomly who gets a box, but I thought it was worth trying, so I went to and signed up! I started reviewing products and before I knew it, I had points. Well, about 2 weeks after signing up, I get an email from Influenster letting me know I had been chosen to get their Holiday VoxBox! So here I am, with a box full of free stuff and I get to review it for a chance to get more free stuff in the future!

Let me tell you about the items I received:

Goody QuikStyle Brush (;

Microfiber bristles!

Microfiber bristles!

When I first saw this brush, I was a little confused. So I read the instructions on the back. The bristles include microfiber, to help speed up the drying process. I have to say, of all the items I received in this box, THIS has been my FAVORITE!! The brush literally cuts my drying time in half, and helps with static cling. (maybe I’m the only one who has the problem, but when I brush my hair, it sometimes gets staticy and sticks to my face)

Grade: A++++, Highly recommend!!

Quaker Real Medleys Oatmeal+ in Apple Walnut (;


Yum yum!

I’ve always liked oatmeal, but I’ve never loved it. When I opened the box and saw the oatmeal, Paul was actually very excited about this. Well, I officially love oatmeal! The freeze-dried apple slices(slices, not chunks. Freeze-dried chunks always kindof weird me out) plumped up when hot water was added and the walnuts added a great texture. This oatmeal was AMAZING! And super convenient! It came in its own cup, so there was no need to messy up a bowl.

Grade: A, Would definitely recommend!

NYC New York Color Liquid Lipshine (;


I’m a sucker for a nude lip gloss. I love a good nude, especially with a little sparkle. This lip gloss was actually very fantastic! It has become my second favorite nude that I own, behind my Josie Maran. This gloss is GORGEOUS and not very sticky, which helps living in Florida when it seems to constantly be windy. This gloss adds the perfect amount of shimmer and shine to your lips without being too overwhelming.

Grade: A, Highly recommend!



All natural energy booster

Gotta say, wasn’t a big fan. I don’t really drink soda or flavored drinks to begin with, and when I drink lemonade, I prefer it to be on the sour side, rather than the sweet side. When I first added the water and took a sip, it was a little sweet, but after a few more sips, it was watery and chalky. I don’t think I will end up getting this again, though I like the idea. The product is an energy booster will all natural ingredients. Maybe it’s just the flavor. They have other flavors so I think I might try another.

Grade: C, I personally don’t like it, but others might so I would recommend it for someone who wants an all natural energy booster

Kiss Nail Dress (;

Leopard nails!

Leopard nails!

I’ve tried the Sally Hansen version of nail stickers before and haven’t ever really been too impressed. They were hard to get on and always chipped after a day or so. I just put these on and they were super easy! Because I just put these on, I will be doing a follow-up review on the longevity of the nails. So far, I don’t love the print, never been big into animal prints, but for review purposes, it’ll work. They were very easy and fit my nails well. They’re also very sticky so I hope that helps!

Grade: Pending! Will follow-up with a review in a few days!

Sole Society Discount (

Bubblegum Pink Pumps!

Bubblegum Pink Pumps!

So, something else I received in this box was a discount code for Sole Society. I had not heard of this website, but I love shoes so I checked it out yesterday! The discount code is INFLUENSTER25 and is valid until 1/31/13 for $25 off! I’ve been needing a pair of black pumps, but they had a pair of bubble gum pink pumps that I’ve got my eye on now! Will definitely be looking into this site more! Feel free to use the discount above!

So that’s all of the items I received! I hope if you were considering any of these items, my review was helpful! Happy Wednesday everyone!

*NOTE-I received all items complementary for the sole purpose of being reviewed. I am not being compensated in any way for my thoughts and review. All feelings and concerns are mine and mine alone!


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